Old Project - Shaker Bottle

Work In Progress / 08 July 2020

Shaker Bottle

Maya High Res unsmoothed and low res

UV for low res

All work by Kyle Horne 2020

CT- Scanner Update

Work In Progress / 03 July 2020

CT Scanner Updates. Had to upres the large model and export again.  UV's and Material iD Sets had to be fixed so that the textures would carry over. 

CT Scanner Textured

Work In Progress / 29 June 2020

CT Scanner in Substance Painter

CT Scanner Textures


CT Scanner UV

Work In Progress / 27 June 2020

I could spend some time optimizing the 0-1 space, but I want to spend 2 days texturing. 


Texture Painting and Sculpting Week 4 Final Progress

Work In Progress / 26 June 2020

Due to Time and Planning I am done with the High Res. Have to reduce and UV tomorrow. 

CT Scanner

-Kyle Horne


Texture Painting and Sculpting Course Week 3

Work In Progress / 22 June 2020

I followed a tutorial to texture the Lantern in Substance Painter.  For the crates, I UV'ed and textured them in painter. 

Week 2 Turn in for Texture Painting and Sculpting.

Work In Progress / 16 June 2020




Stylized Stone

Stone Wall

Learning Substance Designer

Work In Progress / 13 June 2020

Ground Material 

Ground Material Early Stage



Sword and Shield Textured

Work In Progress / 13 June 2020

Here is the result from last weekend. There are some things to fix of course.

Sword and Shield Modeled

Work In Progress / 05 June 2020

I still need to UV tomorrow and hopefully block in the base color, took me the better part of a week just to model, even though this is a texturing course, it will be the least time spent in the process.

Sword and Shield Model